Wollaston & Quincy Dental Implant Restorations by James McDonough, DDS

The replacement of lost teeth in the smile is critical, and one of the most effective methods to do so is a dental implant. James McDonough, DDS assists in this restorative process by planning and adding the porcelain restoration on the top of the implant.Wollaston Dental Group – James McDonough offers dental implant restorations to patients in Quincy, Milton, Braintree, Dorchester and the surrounding Greater Boston communities.

Why Receive Dental Implants?

3d render of dental implant

Dental implants are one of the strongest and most versatile ways to restore missing teeth. This is due to the implant post and the implant restoration.

The implant post is an artificial tooth root, which grants implants a resilience similar to that of a natural tooth. The implant restoration can be any porcelain prosthesis and will serve as the visible portion of your new tooth. After any number of implant posts are placed, any one of a variety of restorations can be added to the post, completely restoring your smile. As such, dental implants are highly effective, and they can be used to treat most teeth replacement cases.

How We Help

The first step to receiving dental implants is to receive the dental implant post. Dr. McDonough coordinates your care with oral surgeons and periodontists who can perform the post placement procedure. Once the implant post has been placed and the healing period is complete, your implant post will have integrated into the jaw to provide the support you need. After that integration is complete, Wollaston Dental Group – James McDonough will be able to provide the implant restoration.

While you are healing after the implant placement, Dr. McDonough partners with a local lab to create the type of restoration you need, such as porcelain crowns, porcelain fixed bridges, or an implant-supported full denture. By the time you are ready for the restoration, an effective prosthesis will be available to add to your smile. Dr. McDonough then adds this restoration to the top of the implant, connecting to the implants post through an abutment.

Once the procedure is complete, you will have a whole, functional, and natural-looking smile once again.

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Wollaston Dental Group – James McDonough is proud to help patients in Quincy, Milton, Braintree, Dorchester, and beyond reconstruct their smile through the addition of dental implant restorations. For more information about the dental implant process or other restorative services we provide, call our practice today.


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