Fixed Bridges

Traditional and Implant Bridges in Quincy, MA

When teeth are lost, regardless of how many are missing, replacing them will best protect your oral health. Wollaston Dental Group – James McDonough offers dental bridges in Quincy, Milton, Braintree, and Dorchester. If you live or work in these areas or the surrounding communities, Dr. McDonough can help you have a healthy smile.

How Do Dental Bridges Help Me?

When a tooth is injured or decayed, there is a risk that it will be lost as a result of the damage done. Missing teeth lead to a number of dental health concerns, from causing the smile to shift out of a healthy alignment to the premature shrinking of the jaw.

In these cases, Dr. McDonough can offer a bridge to restore the smile.

A bridge replaces the lost tooth or teeth with a natural-looking prosthetic. You can chew normally and have a complete smile after having one added to your smile by our Quincy dentist. Additionally, if you are choosing an implant-supported bridge, you can restore a larger portion of the smile and prevent the jawbone from experiencing resorption as a result of tooth loss.

How Are Bridges Added to the Smile?

Depending on the type of bridge you receive, the procedure can be an immediate or multi-step process.

Traditional bridges, which can replace either one tooth or a few, are supported by adding crowns to the teeth neighboring the site of loss. These crowns stabilize the prosthetic throughout its lifetime, enabling it to chew effectively. The process for adding these crowns is the same as restoring a tooth with a crown, so no other steps stand between having the bridge fabricated and adding it to your smile.

Implant-supported bridges can take a little while longer because the dental implants have to be surgically placed into the jaw. This step is then followed by a healing phase required to make sure the implants successfully integrate into the jawbone. The extended process is worth it, however, as the support implants give to the bridges means no changes are necessary to the healthy teeth in the smile.

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Wollaston Dental Group – James McDonough provides dental bridges in Quincy and all surrounding communities. Whether you want a traditional prosthetic or need an implant restoration, our dentist has the skill set and knowledge required to rebuild the health and beauty of your smile. For more information about our restorative dental care options, call us and schedule an appointment today!

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